VIVOTEK IE8221-F

    Workstation de Reconocimiento Facial

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    Características principales

    • Alertas y notificaciones en vivo
    • Gestión de personas de interés (PDI)
    • Informes completos
    • Admite hasta 2 cámaras

    Arquitectura del sistema

    IE8221-F, Arquitectura

    Detalle de productos

    Product Information




    Intel CPU: i5-10400, Memory: DDR4-2666 16GB RAM, HDD: 2.5" 500GB SSD



    Maximum Number of Faces in Database



    10/100Mb/1Gb Network

    Maximum Number of Devices Connecting

    (Build-in 1CH) Up to: 2

    Power Input

    100-240V AC

    Power Consumption

    Max. 90W


    190 x 165 x 43 mm (LWH)


    Weight: 1.3 kg net and 2.1 kg gross

    Saftity Certifications

    CE, FCC



    Three Tier Server-client system:

    · Web Server

    · Application Server

    · Database Server

    Supported OS

    Ubuntu Server 20.04

    Supported Protocols


    Supported Hypervisors

    VMWare, Hyper-V, Virtual Box

    Container Type


    Database Type


    System Security

    · Single device login

    · Renewable session token

    · Hardened HTTPS

    Management Interface


    Using Web client

    Supported Browsers

    · Google Chrome

    · Mozilla Firefox


    · English

    · Traditional Chinese

    Supported Image Sources

    Supported IP Cameras

    · Any H.264 ONVIF IP Camera

    · Any H.264 RTSP IP Camera

    Supported Face Recognition Tablets

    · Tigerwong

    · Smarfid 5’’

    · Smarfid 8’’

    Supported Still Image Formats

    JPEG, PNG, BMP, Base64

    Video Sources Configuration

    Region of Interest (ROI)

    Setup ROI area for face capture

    Face Capture Parameters

    · Minimum capture face size

    · Frame capture interval

    · Side face filter

    · Biggest face only filter

    Face Verification Parameters

    · Minimum face recognition threshold

    · Merge recognized faces interval

    Environmental Adaptability

    Camera Installation Height

    · 3.0 meters max. camera height

    · Mounting position within 10 degrees inclination

    Supported Image Modes

    Color & Monochrome

    Robust Against

    · Large expressions

    · Beard and hairstyles

    · Eyeglasses

    · Caps and scarfs

    · Irregular lighting

    · Partial face occlusion

    Supported Devices & Integrations

    I/O Relay

    · Moxa E1214

    · Advantech ADAM 60XX

    · VIVOTEK AO-20W I/O Device

    IP-to-Wiegand Converter

    · Doorcard DCT-4TW26

    · VIVOTEK AO-20W Wiegand Bo

    HTTP Notifications

    Send customized GET/POST HTTP messages


    · Use VAST Face RESTful API

    Persons of Interest Management (POI)

    POI Management

    · Enroll person using Web client.

    · Manage face profiles database through Web Portal

    POI Authentication

    · Using Face as a credential

    · Using Card Number

    POI Groups

    · Default groups: VIP, Blacklist, Staff

    · User defined person groups

    POI Batch Enrollment

    Supports bulk enrollment using Excel & .JPEG files

    Enrollment Photo

    · Min. face size = 200 x 200 pixel


    · 1MB Max. photo size (.JPG or .PNG)

    POI Profile Information

    · Name, ID #, card #, job position, email, phone, POI group(s), and expiration date

    POI Reports

    Investigation Reports

    Generate face recognition reports and filter events by:

    · Location

    · Time period

    · Person’s name

    · POI Group

    · POI type (enrolled or stranger)

    Attendance Reports

    Generate staff clocking reports and filter events by:

    · Clock-in time

    · Clock-out time

    · Stay length

    · Late Arrival

    · Early Leave

    Actions Reports

    Generate a report for which pre-defined actions were triggered in response to an event

    Export Data

    Export results to Excel fil

    Trigger Rules and System Actions

    Rule Engine

    Rule based engine to trigger single or multiple system actions based on:

    · Event Location

    · Schedule

    · Detection time period

    · Specific POI profile

    · POI face group affiliation

    · Person type (enrolled or stranger)

    · POI is (not) a member of a group

    Supported System Actions

    · Trigger I/O Relay

    · Trigger IP-to-Wiegand converter

    · Send HTTP GET/POST command

    · WebSocket notification

    System Users Management

    System Users

    Register user accounts using Name, E-Mail address & Phone number

    System User Groups

    · System Administrator

    · Administrator

    · VAST Face CMS

    System Inter-Compatibility

    Supported Products



    · VIVOTEK VAST FaceVisitor

    Face Recognition Verticals

    Possible Applications

    · Identify potential troublemakers (shoplifters, criminals or any other barred individuals)

    · Detect VIP members upon arrival to deliver a tailored experience

    · Provide physical entry to commercial buildings, residences, and other rooms

    · Contactless staff clock in system

    · Verify visitor’s identity